Five Things for... Wednesday.

1. I am kind of bored with being pregnant. Frankly, I am sick of the constant back pain, having nothing remotely attractive to wear, weeping at inane things, constant hunger and broken sleep. Needing help to get out of bed in the morning and having to drive 200m to the tram due to my freaking SPD  doesn't do a lot for a girl's self-esteem.

2. While I'm on the topic of pelvic pain (oh joy), this amazing story gave me some perspective. I am in awe. 

3. It was my birthday yesterday! I actually forgot until just now. It was pretty low key. I had a rough night the night before, only getting a few hours sleep, so was freaking out a bit in the morning. I was upset that I was upset on my birthday, which only made me more upset. Anyway, the Manfriend put me back to bed and I got a few more hours sleep, then woke up feeling loads better. We had a lovely brekky at Lowlands, then did some pottering around the house. I had uni last night, but wagged the last hour and went to Sam's place, where she surprised me with a raw raspberry cheesecake and candles. Lovely.

4. Also, my super-lovely friend Marnie wants to throw me a retro tea party baby shower. I love the idea! I was REALLY hesitant about having a baby shower, as I thought the idea of women sitting around playing 'pin the nappy on the baby' or whatever (I've never actually been to a baby shower) would be awkward and forced. But a low-key, simple day with my favourite ladies sounds wonderful.

5. The Manfriend and I are seeing Justin Townes Earl tonight at the Regal Ballroom in Northcote, which is where we met five years ago. I only listened to his new album today and LOVE it, so I'm really looknig forward to it. I bought the tickets ages ago, and deliberated over whether to pay more and get seats or general admission, and am so glad that I got seats. Good thinking, self from three months ago!