Five things for a Tuesday.

Source: via Emma on Pinterest



1. I bought a blender. My best friend has been really into eating more raw food for the past month or so, and I have totally been inspired by her. I used to be really into green smoothies and loved how easy they were to make and how good they made me feel. I don't have a lot of time lately to cook proper meals and am probably not getting all my nutrients, considering I am 30 weeks preggers, as all my spare minutes are taken up with finishing the house, uni or sleeping.

So I probably should have just got a $50 blender from KMart, but instead I 'invested' in a commercial Omniblend blender like they use at Boost Juice. It is very similar to a Vitamix, but way cheaper. It arrives tomorrow and I am super-excited about getting stuck into it!

2. The Manfriend and my brother pulled down the back wall of the house on Sunday, opening up where the kitchen will eventually go. Lucky we have had nice weather as it would be freaking horrid in winter.  We have a builder guy there everyday until it is done. His name is Josh and he is gorgeous. He sees me in my hideous nighty that is probably too short for a pregnant lady every morning and still manages to be polite and chipper. Bless.

3. It is the Manfriend and I's five year anniversary  on Saturday of when we met. It feels like yesterday that we met at a burlesque ball in Northcote and then spent the whole weekend sleeping in my car at a music festival. I am so grateful that our paths collided. It is such a cliche, but he is my best friend and there is no one else I would rather have a family with (slight mouth vomit).

4. My Jelly Bean shoes arrived today! I love getting things delivered to my office- the guys I work immediately with roll their eyes but the girls get excited. They seem really comfy, but smell a bit weird and rubbery and are a tad sweaty. I think they'll be awesome with tights though in winter. Really want to get the red ones now too.

5. The end of daylight savings is kicking my ass. The extra hour in the morning is nice, but having to stay up for what feels like an extra hour at night is not cool. I had uni last night and tonight, which means I don't get home until what feels like 11pm, and with the lovely Josh arriving at 6.45am, sleep is a bit hard to come by. Add in massively painful pelvic separation issues (gross), a super-active baby and a fair bit of general insomnia/anxiety, and I am one cranky-pants lady.