Five Things for... Wednesday.

1. I just bought a pair of these Jelly sandals online! So excited! I never had a pair when I was little and was always envious of my kinder friends who wore them with pleated skirts in summer and thick tights with frilly socks in winter. Hot.

I tossed up between the blue and the black pair, but ended up going with the black for now. They are only $29.99 though so I may just go back and get all the colours.

The Manfriend after emerging from under the living room floor.

2. Our kitchen has arrived.....sort of. All the materials have arrived at the Manfriend's workshop ready to be turned into a kitchen. Things are finally moving along on the renovations. This makes me so, so, so happy. A crazy pregnant lady stumbling around a half-finished house is no fun for anyone.

3. I have a ridiculous amount of uni work to do in a very short amount of time. We are covering hand drawing and rendering, which is so not my strong point. I spend all day working digitally and have no idea how to draw by hand. It is actually pretty fun getting dirty with pencils and pens (Year 8 art class style) but there is currently a gaping chasm between what I want to convey on the page and what actually appears on the page.

4. I am accidentally crocheting this cover for my laptop. I began it as a crib blanket, but then stuffed up the length and realised it would be waaaay too small so turned it into a laptop cosy. I am doing the zigzag/ripple/chevron stitch that I attempted (and failed at) a while ago after being inspired by Pip's ripple blanket.  The stitch I am using is the Striped Chevron  from the Lion Brand Stitchfinder, which is pretty much the most awesome crochet stitch resource EVER.

5. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Where have you been all my life?