Five Things for Tuesday.

Dave was unimpressed by the baby wriggling around.

1. Planning our new kitchen! It will have and a big island bench and recycled timber benchetops. The Manfriend will make the whole things custom, so all the drawers and cupboards are weird widths to maximise storage space in our tiny house.

2. Nearly every weekend between now and when the baby comes is booked with classes, weekends away, birthday parties and catch-ups. It is exciting but I have to consciously carve out time to myself. I am already in the third trimester and feel like this pregnancy has already gone waaaaay too fast. I need to keep reminding myself of how special it is.

3. I have found loads of new blogs by fabulous mums who remind me that my life is not going to be over once the baby comes. I LOVE seeing familes doing awesome things together and having fun times. A lot of the rhetoric and writing around new mums is negative and frankly, terrifying, so it is lovely stumbling upon positive descriptions of motherhood.

4. I'm getting all my hair cut off tomorrow! I haven't been to the hairdresser for ages, not since I went to a hairdressing school to try to save money and they did a crap job. I want something more interesting than my current hair (brown, straight, hanging) but still easy to handle when I have a baby and won't be able to maintain it. I'm thinking of long layers with an asymmetrical bit on one side, all very dark brown with some red parts throughout. Yay!

5. We are learning CAD at school, which is overwhelming and daunting. I like to know things, and I don't like the feeling of not knowing how to do something. It is frustrating to be back at the beginning again!