Twenty-eight weeks.

I will be twenty-eight weeks pregnant in two days. Only twelve weeks to go! This is the business end of the pregnancy. You are well and truly making yourself known. The other day at about 3am I actually googled 'baby moving too much' as I was sure that no baby should be kicking this constantly. You rarely stop moving. It has gotten to the point when I can see my stomach moving and can't rest things on my belly anymore as it is like tectonic plates moving.

It is a very special feeling though, like a secret between you and me. When I get anxious about you being healthy and safe, I am reassured by your kicking.

I am feeling pretty much fine otherwise though. A bit sore in my hips and sides, and I have become the kind of person who grunt and puffs when standing up, but otherwise, I tend to forget that I am pregnant until you kick me in the bladder or I try to bend over and realise that I have no waist.

We have started getting organised with all the baby stuff we might need. I have a big list and we are working our way through it. We have been so lucky to get so much stuff for free. Everything from baby baths, portacots, baby carriers and even cloth nappies has been donated to us second hand. Makes it very easy!

Your dad and I spend a fair bit of time talking about the kind of parents we will be. I have an image of myself as a mum, but I know that the reality will be quite different. I keep envisaging lots of books and cooking and running outside and exploring.

Your cousin was born yesterday- Zane Alec Gratton, to your uncle Alec and his girlfriend Nichole. They live in QLD but hopefully we will get a chance to meet him soon, although it might be a bit tricky for a while. So exciting! The photos are gorgeous. What a cutie.