Five Things for Tuesday.

1. Getting really stuck into the house. We got heaps done this weekend, which has somewhat eased my frazzlement and panic about bringing my newborn baby home to a construction site. Dad and the Manfriend knocked out a wall between the living room and kitchen, which makes it seem much bigger. They also started pulling up floorboards and put in the new window in the front room. Next, we need to replace the floor in the living room, finish the hallway and bedrooms, and start pulling out the kitchen.

2. I have a bladder infection. It is not pleasant. Let's just leave it at that.

3. All the plaster dust and rubble at home is making me crave clean, white space. I am in love with this house, via the style files.

4. Aldi. I freaking love that place. It is so insanely cheap but GOOD. They have a policy of using Australian grown and owned goods where possible, and have no artificial colours or flavours in any of their products. And you can buy bread, detergent, weird European cookies, a lawnmower, a lamp and potting mix all at once. I bought a baby monitor there yesterday and had to restrain myself from buying all the other baby stuff.

5. I am constantly amazed at the way that stock photos categorise their images. I've been trying to find a picture of a group of women, all different sizes, looking healthy. Nothing like this exists. If I search 'healthy body' in iStock, I get super-skinny models holding measuring tapes and apples. Search for 'workout' and you'll find a bigger woman eating cake whilst on a treadmill. So, so bizarre. That god I'm not the only one who finds it weird.