Five Things for Tuesday.

1. The Rad Rebel Riders BikeFest Bake Off is this weekend! BikeFest is an awesome Melbourne event promoting bikes in everyday life, and they are holding a Village Picnic on Saturday, complete with a bake off. I'm still not sure what I'm going to enter - either something really decadent and chocolatey or something a bit light and fruity.

2. Being able to see the baby move in my tummy is weird, slightly gross, super special and magical all at the same time. I can feel where its head and legs are depending on how it kicks. Last night, the Manfriend and I were laying in bed watching The Help (which was better than I expected) and my belly was moving like  an alien was trying to escape from via my bellybutton.

3. Passionfruit! A friend gave me a big bag of them from her vine and they smell SO GOOD. The Manfriend doesn't like them so I have them all to myself.

4. Getting stuck into the renos this weekend. Mum and Dad are coming over to help us rip up the living room floor and sand the study. I'm excited to finally get things moving quicker, but am not looking forward to the massive mess again. Oh joy.

5. I had my first day back at school last night. It was nice to get back into things, but I discovered that my laptop needs to be upgraded in order to support the version of CAD we are using. Grrr. But otherwise CAD looks like fun (I might regret saying that in a few weeks though!).