Reno sweet reno.

Constance 1956 Vintage Caravan This is so, so far from what our campervan looked like.

Back from our camping babymoon in NZ! It was super relaxing and cruisy, which is just what we needed. The Manfriend drove for most of it so I crocheted like a ninja. We ate loads of yummy food, went for walks, went to a country fair and saw some freaking amazing sights. Seriously, the south island of NZ is the most underrated place in the world. Within a 100km radius you can find crazy landscapes and natural springs, massive plateaus and rainforests, fjords and rivers. Gorgeous.

I will post more photos of our trip when I get around to uploading them.

It was a bit disheartening coming back to our half-finished house and realising that we have a loooong way to go to get it finished before the baby comes in FOURTEEN WEEKS (omg.) The Manfriend is super-busy at work with a big project that will finish in three weeks, then he is going to go nuts on the house to get it done. There still isn't a single room that is totally complete, or even close. This weekend I'm going to get carpet sorted for the bedrooms, spackle, sand and paint the hallway and study. Grrrr.

Meanwhile, I start back at school tonight which is VERY exciting. I'm surprised at how much I missed it. We are learning CAD, which is a bit overwheming but hopefully the Manfriend will be able to give me a hand. I'm looking forward to never doing manual drafting ever again as the whole thing was too much for me. I think when Lee and I are working together I will end up doing most of the drafting and designing, while he does the actual building and contruction, so I better make sure my CAD skills are up to scratch.