Twenty-one weeks.

You are kicking my desk at work as I am writing this! i cannot believe that we are halfway through the pregnancy. It feels like I only just announced it to everyone. We had the twenty week scan last week. It was totally amazing and very emotional! I wasn't expecting the picture to be so clear and it took my breath away. You look like an actual baby! I arrived at the hospital and was a bit nervous, because if you had five heads or something, we would find out then. But all was well - you are a big, healthy baby. As soon as the technician put the ultrasound stick thing on my tummy you appeared on the screen. The image was much bigger and clearer than the twelve and ten week scans. It took about 40 minutes all up, and she checked all your organs and bones. You are about 25cm long from head to tailbone, and apparently have long legs, big feet and lots of hair!

They did a 3D view that showed a close-up of your face. You had closed eyes but were opening and closing your mouth and waving your tiny fists around. It was very very special. I am getting teary just thinking about it! The photo from the scan is on the fridge and I glance at it occasionally and get a big wave of emotion and love.

We don't want to find out the sex, but Lee thinks that he saw balls. I'm not so sure! Most of my friends think that you will be a boy. I keep referring to you as 'the little guy', but mainly because it sounds better than saying 'it'.

You have been moving around so much lately. When I first felt little bubbles, I kept doubting myself as to whether it was you moving or just my rumbly tummy.  But now there is no doubt about it. You kick when I drink cold water or hot soup, when I lay down, when I stretch up to reach something and especially when I jump into a cold swimming pool. Sometimes it is a rolling feeling inside, or little wiggles. Other times it is big, obvious kicks and squirms. It is a special and magical feeling - like a little secret between me and you. I know that some people don't want anyone touching their pregnant tummy or feeling the baby move, but I just want to grab everyone's hands and make them feel it. Lee can feel it now too, which is great as I can involve him a bit more.

I have been feeling fine, a bit achey in the mornings and still waking through the nights a lot, but generally pretty healthy. I forget that I'm preggers most of the time- until I go to bend over and remember that I have no waist, or until you kick me in the guts from within.

Only 20 more weeks to go.

Love Mum x