Things to make.

I always have an epic list of things on the go that I want to make, but I am trying to get a grip on the unfinished projects too. They include about eighteen (!) finished embroidery projects that I need to build frames for, crocheted cushions that need backs pieces and inserts and the patchwork quilt top that I made that still isn’t quilted. I need to spend a day at mum’s place with her awesome machine and get it all done. Anyway, I am crocheting a grey and yellow cat basket/house for Dave and Layla, because they will have to sleep in the laundry when the baby arrives and I want them to have a nice little house instead of a box of old towels. I need about 10 more rows on the base before I can begin the sides.

There are so many more things that I want to make as well!

:: This moss graffiti would look awesome on an old wall. Maybe for our shed?

:: I’d love to make this Dr Who doll for Lee or Sam

:: SUCH a cute idea for a new family. And it can be added to once more kids arrive too.

:: Lovely way to capture the first year

:: Awesome handmade octopus - the buttons could be risky for little babies though.