26 before 26.

For the past few years, around every birthday I’ve made a list of things I’d like to do before next year’s birthday. I’ve never actually completed any of the lists, but is a helpful reminder that I’m not getting younger and to live a rich and fulfilling life. My birthday is 3 months away, and I’ve made a fair crack at this list already. Some of the items I won’t do - for example, I can’t actually fit into my brown skirt with my pregnant belly so there’s no point making three more skirts from the pattern! - but it is rewarding to see the things that I have done in the past year. 1. Go swimming more

 2. Sell the house

3. Get knocked up

4. Cook a roast from scratch - need a good excuse to do this as cooking meat freaks me out a bit

6. Buy another house

7. Do the 30 Day Shred

8. Make three skirts from my brown skirt

9. Finish sewing my quilt

10. Get my eyes lasered

11. Go to the dentist

12. Get a pedicure

13. Print out photos from my overseas trips and put them into frames

14. Plant an amazing vegie garden

15. Spend lots of time with Sam

16. Do a session of Bikram yoga - can’t do this while pregnant :(

17. Get published in an architectural magazine

18. Get our finances sorted

19. Go camping with Lee for at least two weeks without my iPhone

20. Get groceries from Aussie Farmers Direct

21. Be a tourist in Melbourne

22. Go to Port Fairy again - booked for March!

23. Get my own design clients

24. Make something with Logan berries

25. Give a presentation at work

26. Change my title at work