Ten weeks.

I saw you yesterday for the first time. We had the twelve week scan, which was super-exciting and a bit nerve-racking, mainly because if something was to go wrong, we would have found out then. Instead, we saw you on the ultrasound monitor. The doctor said that you were really small, and so I am actually ten weeks, not twelve weeks. This puts me back a few weeks, which is frustrating as I can’t wait to be pregnant-looking and for you to arrive.Anyway, the scan was magical. It made it more real. The doctor pointed out your feet and arms, and you did a little wiggle and dance for us! You are 3.4cm long, so still teeny tiny. Lee was really excited too. I think it made it more real for him, because obviously he doesn’t feel pregnant like I do, so it was the first time he got to really xperience it. We got a DVD and a few photos of you, which was great to show people. My mum and dad loved seeing it, especially when you wriggled around and kicked your legs. I have been feeling okayish, very tired and slightly nauseous all the time. I just need to take it easy. I really don’t want to be at work though, I just want to sleep all the time. We had the first midwife appointment this morning, at the Mercy. It was interesting to be there, but a bit daunting. In the waiting room there were dads filling up hot water bottles for their pregnant partners and lots of people bustling around. It is weird to think that I will have a baby there in seven months. I booked in the other scans, so now all I can do is wait and enjoy.