House update.

We ripped up the floor in one of the back bedrooms on last weekend. Whenever we do demolition work, I always get a bit nervous that we will find a huge nest of spiders or dead animals or bones (macabre much?). Or treasure. Treasure would be good.

Instead, we found dirt. Cue disappointment. No biggie! It means that we need to pull up less flooring than we thought, which allows us more time to do fun things, like read the Dulux Colour Atlas and watch Dave eat.

The masterlist of stuff to do for the house is enormous and intimidating, so I like to just think of the next few things on the list instead.

  • Finish pulling up boards in bedrooms
  • Restump and rebuild sub-floors
  • Lay the cables for the wiring
  • Put down chipboard flooring in bedrooms
  • Order carpet
  • Pull out bathroom
  • Sort out waste pipe for bathroom toilet
  • Put down chipboard in bathroom
  • Plumb in shower fittings, toilet and vanity taps
  • Tile bathroom
  • Tile giant mirror
  • Install showerscreen, toilet and vanity
  • and so on and so forth...

I can't wait to get stuck into it.