Property mogul.

Looking from the front bedroom into the back bedroom. Note the attractive green linoleum and reinforced architrave.

We bought a house! It only took two weeks. We have it pretty easy considering our criteria is that it must be cheap and in poor condition. I can't imagine how hard it would be trying to buy your forever house.

It is a three bedroom semi-detached on a big corner block in Coburg. The agent we have been dealing with is a bit rubbish-she doesn't seem to know a lot of the processes around buying a house and is terrible at returning phone calls. Anyway. The previous owner was an old lady who is in a nursing home, so it was sold by the State Trustees. Houses sold by the State Trustees can sometimes be a little bit cheaper as they aren't as keen to make a massive profit as regular vendors, and more often prefer to just sell it rather than negotiate.

It is in fairly poor condition but is structurally sound and has loads of potential. The thought of living in a half-renovated house (again) is daunting, but I kind of love it. We will be doing all of the work ourselves this time without help from Mum and Dad, so it will be a steep learning curve.

On to the tour....

The fireplace in the living room has been bricked up and "decorated" with butterflies. The terracotta tiles are going to go.

The laundry is huge- nearly as big as the back bedroom. We will move it over and put French doors in to a deck in the backyard.

The floor is separating from the wall in the front bedroom. We will need to restump and lift the floor before carpeting.

Mmmm, lovely tiles.

Bathroom is teeny tiny. We will gut it and retile and rip out the bath and replace it with a shower and toilet.

I am going to the estate agent to sign the contract this afternoon. Yay! Settlement is on July 18.